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No big deal, A little gratitude can go a long way


by Cathy Sedacca

In my past professional life in a large corporation, I worked as part of a team that was considered a “cost center.” On its face, the name implied we were sort of a necessary evil. But, unfortunately, it was more than just an ill-conceived moniker.

Whenever our manager wanted to reward us for the work we had done, she had to fight upper management tooth and nail to spend money on things as trivial as a lunchtime pizza party.

Meanwhile, the company’s “profit center” departments enjoyed what appeared to be unlimited expense budgets when it came to their choice of opulent rewards, travel accommodations and food.

I never quite understood the inequity. I saw both the cost and profit centers working together toward a common goal—neither able to accomplish the company’s goals without the other.

And the truth was no one in our department expected lavish rewards. We simply wanted to feel appreciated for our hard work.

I do recall one manager who did communicate her appreciation during my time at that company. She sat me down and expressed some really nice things about me and the work I had done.

It’s funny; I don’t remember the words she used, but I still—20 years later—vividly remember how she made me feel.

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They’re aliiiiiive! The Importance of Bringing Your Core Values to Life

by Karen Turnquist

I was watching clips of Mel Brooks’ hilarious classic “Young Frankenstein” the other day and it occurred to me that building a business can be a monster task.

Entrepreneurs work diligently to get their creation on its feet, only to have something unexpected throw their best-laid plans into chaos.

Here at Sage, we’re no different. We experience that adversity and those unexpected challenges. But we’ve discovered that our best defense in overcoming those hurdles is our core values.

That may come as a surprise to some, who view core values as something you quickly jot down and put in a frame on a conference room wall, never to be revisited again.

In reality, what we’ve learned is that core values are invaluable as the foundation and guiding principles for any well-run business.

But first, in true “Dr. Fronkensteen” fashion, you have to bring those values to life.

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Attracting employees like bees to honey







by Cal Walker

My recent foray into the job market, which, I’m happy to say, concluded with me joining Sage offered a valuable first-hand look into today’s job market.

I learned a lot—both good and bad—about what organizations are doing to attract job applicants.

Let’s be clear: Unless you’re an Amazon or Google, attracting top talent can be a difficult challenge. There’s stiff competition and online tools have made it easier than ever for employees to find new and better opportunities.

Because I work closely with Sage’s many growing entrepreneurial clients, I know it’s also a challenge that they often face.

With that in mind, here are five suggestions for attracting and landing your top job candidates:

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New team members highlight Sage’s growth, commitment to clients

Calvin Walker

John McDonald

Sage Business Credit is proud to welcome the newest member of its professional staff Portfolio Manager Cal Walker.

Cal left a career in banking to join Sage because of a desire to help small-business owners in ways beyond just financing.

“I like Sage’s hands-on approach when it comes to working with small businesses,” Cal said. “In my banking career, my ability to help was mostly limited to lending. But Sage digs in and looks for ways to help businesses grow. That’s much more rewarding.”

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The road to greatness may be paved with LEGOS (So watch your step)

by Cathy Sedacca

At a time when it’s increasingly difficult to find common ground on even the most innocuous topics, here’s something we can all agree on:

Stepping on a LEGO brick while barefoot is simply the worst.

The worst.

As the mother of two daughters, it’s an experience with which I’m much too familiar. And while it’s caused me to exclaim some not-so-motherly things in the past, I’m taking a new approach to future encounters: I’m using it as a reminder about an important life lesson.

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Sage’s Melissa Gotchnik completes emotional ride for her mother

For Sage Senior Vice President, Melissa Gotchnik, participating in the MS 150 bike ride was a life goal—and a very personal one.

 “My mom was diagnosed with MS about 20 years ago. So riding in the MS 150 was something I’ve always wanted to do for her,” Melissa said. “But I’d never been able to dedicate the time necessary to do it.”

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Why am I doing this again? Running a marathon is a lot like running a business

by Craig Siiro

 When I turned 40, I began reflecting on my life—what I had accomplished and what I hadn’t.

Well, I call it reflection. Others might call it a mid-life crisis.

But that’s not important. What is important is that as a result of this process, I decided I needed to run a marathon.

No, I wasn’t really a runner. And, no, I really had no idea how to go about accomplishing it.

Oddly enough, in the process of pursuing my mid-life cris—er—bucket list item, I learned that training for and running a marathon has a lot in common with running an effective business.

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What do you think of my haircut? (The truth about financial disconnects)

by Karen Turnquist

 There are some questions that nobody likes to be asked.

“What do you think of my haircut?”

 “Do you mind if my parents move in with us for a while?”

 “Do these pants make me look fat?”

 These are the types of questions for which honesty is not always the best policy.

But when clients ask me tough questions, I always respond honestly. Because they ask the questions sincerely—looking for a professional opinion from a trusted advisor—honestly is really the only policy.

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A lesson in business value that changed my life

by Karen Turnquist

Quick question: How much is your business worth?

If you’re like most business owners, there’s already a formula bouncing around in your head: revenues THIS and EBITDA THAT.

At one point in my entrepreneurial life, I was right there with you. I believed business value was simply the answer at the end of a complex math equation. Then came the day I learned the true nature of what makes a business valuable.

And it changed my life forever.

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